Friday, June 22, 2007

Packing the Stires

Kris, Chelle and the girls are moving to Albania in July to be missionaries. They will all be intensely learning the language for the first year or two, so most of their vocational duties will be put on hold until they get a firm grasp on the language. Kris will work at the seminary in Tiranah, while Chelle will manage the home and see the girls to and from school. To get to Albania, they had to sort, pack and load all of their belongings (with some other people's, too) into a container, which may arrive by cargo ship in 4 months. Until then, they'll be living out of their suitcases. It was a bittersweet visit for us all recalling delightful times while packing up remnants from those same visits. Of course we made new memories, which we are now documenting in order to enjoy over and over again.


Elaine said...

The memories we made are indelibly etched into my heart.
Seeing you, Steph, holding Mason and loving on Madeline satified my Grammie heart.
Spending time with my two daughters TOGETHER was this mother's dream come true!
Memories! Memories! And more glorious memories!
I will never forget!

The Stire family said...

You are an amazing sister to come out and do all that work. You made that enormous task seem manageable. Thanks for coming and showing your love for me by serving in such a tangible way. I love you and miss you so much already.