Monday, September 24, 2007

No Butter or Syrup

I'm constantly amazed how much growth takes place in Mason's life in just one month! Just a few weeks ago he gagged when trying to eat small bits of cereal. Now he's snarfing down pancakes! It took him a while to get the food pried out of his fingers and into his mouth, but he quickly saw the advantage of loosening his digits. Hmm...gone are the days of a clean highchair tray, but I'll gladly wash it while trying to grasp these beloved moments of his development. By the way, if you click on the bottom picture to enlarge it, you can see his first two (bottom) teeth that came through on Sept. 5 and 15. We just praise the Lord for such a beautiful, maturing baby boy.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children you have. This picture of Mason and the picture of Madeline on the side of his crib are so sweet. Sure wish we could come up soon and hug and squeeze them. Oh wait! That is what we are getting ready to do. Can hardly wait.

Elaine said...

Mason is just growing so fast!
We love his smile! Makes us feel smiley and happy inside as we take in the beauty of his smile!

We can just see Mason standing up in his crib trying to see life happening out the window! A matter of days, we are sure.

Precious! Precious! Precious!
We love them dearly!

And their mommy and daddy as well.

You are all in our daily prayers.