Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ballerina Day

These are most of the girls in Madeline's Faith Kids class. They received a 30 minute lesson from a young ballerina, Natasha.
Madeline's favorite part of the lesson was, of course, twirling.
The first thing the girls learned was how to have the proper stance. This includes keeping your heels together while spreading your feet into a V and your hands are held together but your arms are out as if you were holding a globe. It's a lot to remember.
Another part of the lesson from Natasha was learning how to balance on one foot. Ballerinas start developing this skill by holding on to a chair and then slowly letting go while balancing on that one foot or on their toes. It is actually quite difficult but the girls did well considering that all they really wanted to do was twirl.
This picture of Madeline sums up her opinion of "Ballerina Day". Could she be any more elated?

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Mom said...

Mommy did a great job of taking your picture with the ballet class. Good job, mommy!
I loved seeing you in the back row of the first picture holding your twirly skirt out!
The best thing in the entire collection of photos is the big smile you have. We thank God that you have that smile. You can use it to make so many people happy!
GranBud and I love you dearly!
Tell Daddy, Mommy and Mason we love them also. OK?