Friday, November 02, 2007

...well, a couple of tricks.

At first, Madeline didn't quite understand the whole knock-on-the-door-and-they-give-you-candy idea. She simply followed Campbell and Cooper around to each house. After about 30 minutes, though, she caught on to the scam. No matter what costume she was wearing, whether or not she said "Trick-or-Treat", or if she looked scared by the decorations, the person behind the door would reach their hand into a large bowl of candy and hand her several. She was delighted! Her cavity pot was getting heavier and heavier to carry. That's why we came along, actually. Soon, she was outrunning the boys to get to the next house.

At this particular house, she looked up and saw a large, hairy spider hanging from the eaves. She wasn't quite sure what to think. After she rang the doorbell, and no one answered (to her chagrin), she knew exactly what to think: "I've been tricked!" Later, she told me and Jay that she got "a little frustrated" when she knocked and they didn't answer.

I'm surprised Mason wasn't giving me a scornful look. "They dressed me up in this silly thing, and I don't even get any candy!"

We really did have a great time. It's wonderful to see how big and spooky our family is getting each year.

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Elaine said...

Good girl, Madeline! The "scam" will continue year after year and you can take advantage of it with your "cavity pot"! You go, girl!
Sorry, Mason, about this year, but be encouraged, next year is coming and it will be your turn!
Jay and Steph, I did not see costumes on either of you! What happened? Ran out of time to make one? :)
What a fun family event!
Thanks for sharing!