Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanksgiving fun

Before picking Poppy and Mimi up from the FlyAway station, Jay took Madeline to Van Nuys Airport. She rode her tricycle down their "runway" and had a grand time with Daddy.

Mimi loved feeding Mason...and Mason loved having a new face to watch as he ate. Amanda is so good at keeping him preoccupied with her fun voices and faces that he eats all his food before he knows it!

Poppy and Mimi brought Madeline some dress up accessories: a fuzzy tiara, a pink tutu, and a "glass" purse that included a brush, mirror and a set of sparkly rings. She loves being the princess, and I don't mind as long as she knows who's queen!

Mason got a monster truck that's soft on the outside but has a "voicebox" that rumbles and growls and sounds just like a real truck. He's not sure whether to cuddle with it or run from it!

And of course our celebration wouldn't be right without some story time with Poppy. Madeline looks like she's found the perfect recliner...although I don't think he'd like to be called a La-Z-Boy.

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