Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2007

I love this picture of the King and lil' prince. I just can't say it with more sincerity: Jay is the best Daddy to our children. They are so blessed to witness his model of integrity and tenderness.

Although the picture is a bit blurry, you can certainly make out our smiles. Jay may have sacrificed his presence in the photo but he was sure to keep his seat at the table and indulge in our tasty feast. He made is annual cornbread dressing, which was by far his best batch yet. And of course, we couldn't have Thanksgiving without Cherry Coke Salad. And, yum-yum, Mimi's mashed potatoes were sensational! I know all my readers probably have warm, wonderful memories that they are recalling of their Thanksgiving celebration. But we delighted in God's lavish provision of comfort, bonding relationships, laughter, and spiritual discussions...not to mention the After-Thanksgiving shopping spree! What a kindhearted, unsparing and generous God is ours!

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