Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Flowers, Ficketts and the Fair

This past weekend we relished some time with our dear friends and family in El Centro. We attended the city's annual Winter fair where funnel cakes, caramel corn, jumbo corndogs and cotton candy abound.

If only I had taken a video of this moment! This particular cow was mooing his heart out. Bill was demonstrating for the cow how to make dulcet sounds. All these cows (and pigs, sheep and goats) were being judged at the fair. The winners received ribbons and funding to continue their care of the animal.

Poor Madeline. She's going to think that all barns smell good, and all pens are spotless. What she needs is a good six months on a dairy farm!

One of the rides Madeline enjoyed was on a jumbo Dumbo. It is similar to the Dumbo ride at Disneyland, but with less restraint and more electrical cords showing. Right after this ride, the wind started blowing and cut short our fun day at the fair.


Elaine said...

This fair looks like it was so much fun for family and with friends.
Love Dumbo!
I did not get to see Stephanie's new hair style. Next blog or on Skype?
Thanks for sharing your family's fun!
Sweet memories.
We love you.

The Stire family said...

Six months at a dairy farm or six months in a Russian gulag? Remember dad telling us we would appreciate things more if we spent six months there? I think I like the farm idea better. lol. I think the fair sounds like fun and Madeline looked like she was having so much fun with daddy. I agree with mom, I would have liked to see your new "do". I miss you so much and miss seeing the kids grow up. I am so grateful for the blog so that I can follow their momentous events it even if I can't give them big hugs in person. Please give every one love from your dear family in Albania. We look forward to enjoying our fair with you. Ok, maybe not, it's a precarious affair. But hey, the driving here might compare with the Dumbo ride - up and down, all around, with lots of screaming and shouting. :-) Love, chelle

flowersgirl said...

Chelle, I was thinking exactly of that comment Dad used to make! And I think I would opt for the dairy farm, too, with the exception of the one we drove past on our way out of Niland. WHEW! It was off the scale stinky!