Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Playmate Song

You will want to pause the music before you view this video.


Elaine said...

Cute! Cute! and Cuter! Loved the outfit as well as the sweet angelic voice of Madeline.
And then the accompaniment showed up! :)
Loved it.

chellealbanina said...

Kaitlyn says, "Adorable! I loved it! I think she should sing another one, please. Love you."

chellealbanina said...

Madeline, can you come out and play with us? It is a bright and sunny day here in Albania. Uncle Kris has the flu, but we would still like to play with you. Breanna is all dressed up and is playing princess and castle today. It will be so fun for you all to play together the next time we see you. You did such a beautiful job singing. Breanna heard you singing and shouted out, "Madeline!" We all miss you and think you are growing up to be such a beautiful girl and a great big sister. Be good for you mommy today and remember that we love you! Give Mason a great big hug and kiss from Uncle Kris, Aunt Chelle, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Sierra and Breanna.