Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not Pictured: The Delight of My Heart

On May 14th, Salem Communications held a dinner at The Four Seasons hotel in Thousand Oaks. The key-note speaker was John, and Salem gave a copy of his latest book, A Tale of Two Sons, to each person. The president of Salem is Ed Atsinger, the father of my college friend, Ted. (We were on the same short-term mission trip to Italy in 1996. Ted finished at TMC and went on to study at Oxford where he met his wife. Now he's working for the Department of Defense doing undercover missions in Iraq.)

John's 25 minute message was on being a slave to Christ. It was foundational...and one of the best messages I've ever heard.
As wonderful as it was to hear John, I think the best part of the evening was being with Jay. He is so proficient, so masterful and adept at his work, and truly admired by fellow workers; I was bursting with pride and love for him. I mean, I've always known how amazing he is; I was glad to see how many other people are aware of it, too.


Elaine said...

So happy you and Jay had some time to yourselves and that you could burst with pride (godly, that is) for your husband!
His work in the ministry is strong and deep. We praise God for his commitment to obedience to the call of God on his heart to serve.
We are also so happy and pleased that he takes you, the pride of his life, with him on occasion.
Loved the blog!
Love you,

N said...

Hello Aunt Steph!

I finally got a blog! Yay!
Love the updates, can't wait to see more!