Saturday, September 13, 2008

In mid-August, my dad and his wife took our family and Amanda's two sons (including a friend) to a friend's house in Carmel. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the house as well as the coast. We all enjoyed 6 days together, playing games and having devotionals. What memories!
This photo was taken several years ago but gives you an accurate perception of the house's happy situation, not to mention its grandeur.

This is the view of the front porch from the front entry of the house. It was lush with plants and beautiful hydrangeas.

You can see the house from the back deck, here.

It was hard not to just sit and try to take in the vast beauty and reckless coastline of the ocean. We enjoyed mild weather and glorious sunsets.

You can see Amanda's older son, Sean, on one of the top decks, and Ryan, Amanda's younger son, in the foreground. Every room had it's own balcony that overlooked the ocean.

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