Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Steph and Whitney in 2006

Whitney in 2006

Whitney in 2007, right before she left for Albania

Whitney in 2007

Some of you may know of my niece, Whitney, and the accident she had with her right eye about 2 weeks ago. Whitney is 9 and lives in Albania with my sister, brother-in-law and their other 3 girls. Please pray for her. Although she returned from the hospital in Turkey with a somewhat-recovered eye, the eye has worsened. My sister and bro-in-law are working now (Tuesday, Sept. 16) to get her to a hospital, preferably in London or Houston. We are confident that God is not only NOT surprised by this news, but this has been His plan all along. We are also steadfast in our faith that the God who created Whitney's eye can heal it by a word from His mouth, if He deems it best. So, we are not despairing or wavering in our commitment to God's goodness or sovereignty. We have another opportunity to trust Him, plead with Him for little Whitney, and be at rest that He will direct our steps.

Whitney in 2004

Whitney in San Diego in 2004

In Houston in 2006

Whitney in 2004

Whitney in Montgomery, TX in 2004

Whitney at home in TX in 2006

Ready for school in 2006


Mits said...
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Mom said...

Such a good idea to post these photos of our Whit.
She has the sweetest little face!
She loves her Aunt Steph!