Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas 2008- Grammie and GrandBud's

We arrived at Grammie and GrandBud's house on a Friday afternoon; it was a beautiful afternoon in Somerville, TX, and the kids played their hearts out on the wrap-around porch. The temperature dropped from 73 on Friday to 40 on Sunday. We weren't quite sure from day to day what to wear or when.
GrandBud, Madeline, Grammie and Mason all snuggly on the front porch.
One of Mason's gifts was a wooden car that zoomed on the smooth wooden floors at Grammie's. I'm glad it was too small to carry him or he would have torn the place down, ripping around the corners!
It has been our family tradition (like many families) to make and decorate gingerbread boys during the holidays. I remember doing it with all my cousins around Thanksgiving. And Grammie wanted to carry on that tradition by having the gingerbread boys available for Madeline to decorate. So, if you strain your eyes to see what's under all the frosting and sprinkles, you'll know what Madeline's eating. Mason did enjoy a few bites, too, but the real fun is in the decorating. Next year.
Madeline and Mason were very content to open each of their gifts slowly and play with each toy for a while before they opened another one. However, when it was time for the adults to open their gifts, the kids were hard to hold back; they were too excited to see what we were getting. I think that will probably change in the next couple of years, so we enjoyed their passivity this year.
I love this picture of the two kids. They were just content. Content to be at Grammie's. Content to be on the porch. Content to have only each other to play with. I'm glad I was able to capture that one second in time!


rastire said...

Too sweet. This is a great picture. Love you, Rose Ann

Mom said...

I cannot count the number of times I have sighed over these photos....the memories are so fresh in my heart --- forever etched in the cubby-holes of my mind to pull out and sigh over some more!

We loved the short visit...we will take more and more!

We love you!

Grammie, GranBud and Sunny Cat