Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Rancho Huevos" (thanks Kerry)

I came downstairs this afternoon and found some unwelcomed surprises. First, Mason had emptied a full box of Kleenex onto the family room floor, throwing them up in the air like confetti. (Madeline had shown him how to do this just yesterday when she emptied a box of Kleenex herself.) Then he proceeded, down his path of destruction, to the kitchen where he found a full carton of eggs in the refrigerator. (Where was his mother when all this was happening??) He decided at some point to toss the eggs onto the tile floor, happily watching them splatter and ooze. You'll have to click on each picture to get the full affect of the scene. You can imagine my shock, amazement, disgust when I rounded the corner to see it all. I ended up having to call my friend, Kerry, to come and help me; I couldn't handle both bathing the children and scraping egg scramble off the floor and carpet.
Mason has no clue what he's done! He's just happily soaking in his egg whites. He wasn't happy for long...
It's a good thing we weren't having eggs for dinner.
Madeline was dancing blissfully among the yolks and shells. With her pants held up she reminded me of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy does the grape crushing with her feet. I wish I could say I was laughing at this home episode. Where's my clean-up crew? Oh, yes..."Mrs. Fickett!" I'm having a nervous breakdown.


Mom said...

Oh, I am sorry, I howled through the reading of your pain! The photos said it all! I call these "MY CREATIVE KIDS!"
You will remember this for the rest of their lives!
They will remember it as well! :)

Thanks for taking photos for us! You could NEVER have described it as perfectly as we have seen it.

Why didn't you call? I would have come right out and danced! (Oh, bad Grammie!)

I love you, Steph!

Mommy Roth said...

I am so sorry! My question is what movie were they supposed to be watching? I guess it was not as entertaining as the eggs.

Lee Ann Jackson said...

Oh my gosh . . . yes, I needed to see the pictures to fully "grasp' the day's antics--made me laugh! (Of course that's because it wasn't my floor with the yolks!) Good job on journaling though--I imagine that as the years pass, the memory will be more humorous!My regards to Steph!
Lee Ann (Ambassador)

cathy said...

I was so excited to see that you have a blog! I stole the link from Mommy Roth.(Is that OK?)
I couldn't wait to see what you have been up to with the kiddos!! Of all posts to start reading!!! It made me feel so welcome and of course laugh out loud!! My sweet, clean roommate from college with eggs all over her floor!!!!
I can't wait to