Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas 2008- Poppy and Mimi's

After our winter weekend in Somerville, we headed down to Houston for a few days of Christmas with Poppy and Mimi.
Christmas morning was a wonderful blend of gifts and food, hugs and pictures. Poppy got a new cashmere sweater to match his eyes; if he treats it well, he can pass it down to Mason, whose eyes also match the sweater.
One of Madeline's projects this year was to save the money she earned from making her bed and helping around the house in order to buy a present for each person in the family. She took her jar of coins to the store and went down each aisle, looking for and selecting the perfect gift to be wrapped up and given out. For Mimi, she chose a Snapple candle with a lemonade scent.
Before all the gifts were opened, Madeline and Mason snuggled in front of the tree.
Dad's big project this Christmas was to trim some trees and clear some of the undergrowth behind his house. He got a new chainsaw from Mimi for his last birthday and he was eager for Jay to use it. So, the guys spent hours outside doing manly work...which actually was quite rewarding. Jay hasn't asked me for a chainsaw yet, but it may not be too far down his list.
I didn't ask who took this picture. But it's an interesting view!


rastire said...

I love that I know where you all are. I want a hug too. Love you all, Rose Ann

Mom said...

There is nothing like being in the warmth of a loving home with family and we know there is plenty of warmth and love at Poppy and Mimi's home!

Great that Jay could have joined you in Houston for the fun, and even the work on the back 40! :)

Love, Mom