Friday, July 27, 2007

Madeline's 3rd Birthday (Morning)

This morning started early: 5:55AM. Madeline was up putting on her chapstick and waiting for one of us to make some sounds so the day could start. It has been and will be a day of celebration for her. She ate her oatmeal quickly (what kid wouldn't?) so she could open her presents and cards from family and friends, and then we took her out into the garage so she could see her new tricycle. She was genuinely happy with each gift she opened and wanted to play with each one. She was especially keen on keeping her $3, from Uncle Bob and Aunt Ava, right beside her. She is really looking forward to tonight's get together with some friends from our neighborhood. We will have cake, homemade ice cream, and a few activities. Because she got so many gifts from loved ones, we asked that her little friends not bring gifts to the party. There will be plenty of years (Lord willing) for parties and presents, right? Anyway, the cake still has some work to be done on it. But hopefully it will all be done by 6:30Pm when Madeline blows out the candles!


Elaine said...

Happy Birthday, our sweet Madeline!

What a beautiful birthday cake your mommy made for you. Hope the flip flops fit you! (Hee, Hee!)

Ride your bike, save on gas! Put the savings into your cash register! (Another hee, hee!)

We love you, sweet girl!

GranBud and Grammie

Vicki Flowers said...

Hello and Happy Birthday Maddy! I am glad you had a good day (even with booboos). We love you, AV,Cal,Asa