Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Party

We had a somewhat successful celebration last night for Madeline. All the decorations, food, and activities came off beautifully. Unfortunately, the guest of honor was scraped up and sad. About 5 minutes before everyone showed up to the party, Madeline fell twice and hurt both her knees. By the time we were ready for her to blow out her candles, she was too emotional to enjoy the singing and festivities. So, all her little friends blew out her candles for her. She did, however,

enjoy a big helping of cake and ice cream. Oh well; there's always next year!


Elaine said...

What fun for Madeline to have her friends, their moms, and a beautiful birthday party!
The cake was really cute, Steph!
Sorry, Madeline, you got some boo-boos before your party even started!
We know this year is going to be so much fun for you!
We love you and do pray for you every day!
Grammie and GranBud

Elaine said...

Thanks for showing GranBud and me how Mason has been growing. He is so precious. The guy holding him is also very precious!
Thanks for the diligence with the updated news and photos.

Jill Saad said...

Happy Birthday Madeline! It looks like you had a wonderful party. After constructing that cake, comforting the crying and carrying off the celebration were you ready for a "Calgon Take Me Away" evening? You're a great mom!