Friday, July 27, 2007

Madeline's cake in progress

Here a few pictures of our cake-making process yesterday. I decided to make a 3 tiered, chocolate fondant cake. Under the fondant is either chocolate or white buttercream frosting. Not too decadent. So, to cut the sweetness, I added solid chocolate flip flops to a couple of the layers. We'll also have ice cream for those folks who need something cold with their cake. A friend from across the street, Brodie who's 11, came over to help me make the colorful chocolate flip flops that will decorate the cake. She was a true help! Her mom, Gaynor, also helped me with Mason. She is always a willing babysitter when I need one. I'm still making some decisions about the rest of the decor for the cake, but it'll get has to.

1 comment:

Vicki Flowers said...

Okay, to reduce sweetness you made flipflops out of solid CHOCOLATE?! Hello, I want to reduce my sweetness intake at your house.