Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas performance

Although this picture is quite dark you can still make out our main attraction. Madeline had two lines to say: "Please save your applause until the end. We hope you enjoy our show." She did super!
This is Mrs. McNeil, Madeline's teacher, introducing the play, "The Night Before Christmas," her class will perform.

This picture is of both Kindergarten classes singing. There are about 46 Kindergarteners at Legacy.

This is Legacy's principal, Matt Jackson. He is about my age (30 something)and does a stellar job at running the school. He is committed to seeing the children love Christ most of all, so he's #1 in our book.
I think this picture is darling. Brother and Sister really do love each other!

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Elaine said...

I could imagine each photo even though they were rather dark. Good to know that the principal is in love with our Lord and he is leading our little ones to be lovers of Jesus! I will pray for him and those who lead the children.
Wish I could have been at the program.
With the photos, I was!
Thanks, Steph.