Friday, December 18, 2009

Today was Madeline's Christmas party and Snow day (see pictures in next blog). Basically the Kindergarten's schedule was to have breakfast, play, decorate cookies and then teachers, play, have a visit from Santa, eat lunch, play and then go out to the snow. The kids had a blast!
This was a picture I took of the 3 of us at the party. Mason did a wonderful job of playing along with the kids or just reading books while the kids were busy doing something else. He was also my photographer; he took lots of pictures of the kids, their feet, the floor and the hanging decorations. We need to take a photography class.
This was Madeline's first time to ever sit on Santa's lap (that I can remember). She wasn't scared.
I have yet to ask her what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas, but my guess is that she asked for a doll whose eyes open and close. I wonder if she'll get it! :)
Well, the party is done and we're headed out to the snow. Who's excited?

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Elaine said...

I really think Mom was the most excited!
These photos are precious! Memories made for moocho years!