Friday, December 18, 2009

Madeline was a bit timid at first to try the sled run. But she finally warmed up to the excitement and went on 3 or 4 runs on the smaller snow hill.

This is her best friend at school, Eden, with whom she spends every recess and lunch pretending to be jaguars. I'm glad she has such a sweet friend.

Madeline is truly Mason's best friend. He just loves being around her. But he didn't really care about all the snow; he liked climbing on the big kids' play structure and throwing balls. He did get a run in, though.
Jay came to help shovel snow and at the end of the day he asked Mason if he'd like to sled. Mason agreed (ignorantly) and Jay took him to the top of the taller sled run. They started down and Mason was slipping all over the sled in between Jay's legs. But he loved it!

Mason's smile says it all at the end of the run. When Jay asked him how he liked it, Mason replied, "It was so fun!"

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Elaine said...

Thanks, Steph, for updating your blog! The snow brought in for the children's enjoyment looks like such a fabulous event, but I think there might have been at least one adult enjoying it just as much as the little jacquars!
Thanks for sharing!

See you in a couple of days!
Love, Mom